Contact Info:

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Oregon
PO Box 5389
Charleston, OR 97420
Phone: 5418882581ext236
Fax: (541) 888-3250

Coral Gehrke
COSEE Pacific Partnerships Coordinator
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Oregon

Pacific Partnerships Coordinator (Staff)

Primary COSEE Affiliation: Pacific Partnerships

Other affiliations:

Interaction with COSEE Network:

I am a member of the Web Working Group. I attended the 2008 Network meeting on Catalina. I staffed the CORE booth at the 2006 National Marine Educators Association conference, providing information about the COSEE Network.

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

I have an MS in Marine Resource Management with a concentration on marine conservation and a special skills emphasis on communication, outreach, and education and a BS in Biology with a Marine Biology focus. I have worked as an educator in both formal and informal settings and have experience in informal and free-choice learning research and evaluation. During graduate school, I was a Regional Coordinator for the Salmon Bowl, Oregon's regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

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