Charles  Hopkinson -
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Georgia Sea Grant College Program
229 Marine Sciences Bldg., UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: (706) 542-1855

Charles Hopkinson

Georgia Sea Grant College Program

Participating scientist

Primary COSEE Affiliation:

Other affiliations:
- South East

Interaction with COSEE Network:

New member

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

28 years experience conducting ecological research in watersheds, estuaries and the continental shelf

Selected Publications:

Battin, T. J., L. Kaplan, S. Findlay, C. Hopkinson, E. Marti, A. Packman, J. D. Newbold, F. Sabater. 2008. Biophysical controls on organic carbon fluxes in fluvial networks. Nature Geoscience DOI:10.1038/ngeo101.
Hopkinson, C. and A. Giblin. 2008. Salt marsh N Cycling. In- R. Capone, D. Bronk, M. Mulholland and E. Carpenter (eds), Nitrogen in the Marine Environment – 2nd Edition. Elsevier Publ. Pages 977-1022.
Hopkinson, C.S., A. E. Lugo, M. Alber, A. Covich and S. van Bloem. 2008. Understanding and forecasting the effects of sea level rise and intense windstorms on coastal and upland ecosystems: the need for a continental-scale network of observatories. Front
Grimm, N., D. Foster, P. Groffman, M. Grove, C. Hopkinson, K. Nadelhoffer, D. Pataki and D. Peters. 2008. Land change: ecosystem responses to urbanization and pollution across climatic and societal gradients. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 6(5):26

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