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Broadening Participation Workshop Resources
Category: Broadening Participation
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Date Posted: 10/08/2012

From Allyson Fauver, Director of Policy and Analysis, Co-PI and Project Manager, Pathways to Ocean Sciences, Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP)

Congratulations on a great and productive workshop! In light of numerous conversations, I'm forwarding information about diversity resources available to faculty about recruitment, retention, and mentoring that are easily accessible on IBP's site, as well as information on how to post your program or opportunity to the site.

For the full menu of resources and options, visit our webportal for faculty. Most of these resources are also posted on our Pathways to Ocean Sciences portal page - scroll down to the lower right-hand sidebar.

Diversity Resources for Faculty and Staff on PATHWAYSTOSCIENCE.ORG

Online Diversity Reference Library - An online annotated list of key references, providing an overview of resources (organizations, policy documents, research studies, intervention studies, etc.) that relate to broadening participation in the sciences, with starred "Must Reads" and organized by topic areas. This grew out of the initial efforts of the COSEE Diversity Working Group of October 30, 2009!

The Online Mentoring Manual - The goal of this online manual is to highlight the value of mentoring and to help students, faculty, and administrators be better mentees, and become better mentors. It focuses generally on mentoring in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, especially on the mentoring process for underrepresented students, and in some cases specifically on the context of summer research for undergraduates.

Interrupting Bias in the Faculty Search Process: Film & Facilitation Guide - IBP recommends this DVD and facilitation guide, an educational resource on new faculty hiring practices, produced by ADVANCE and the Univeristy of Washington.

Institution Hub Search Tool and the Partners Directory - IBP's institution hubs are designed to help faculty and staff become aware of programs in their own backyard, so they can take advantage of local resources they may not know about. Use the Partners Directory to search faculty and staff contacts at STEM programs across the country. Our database contains over 1,300 educational programs at over 1,900 institutions categorized and searchable by disciplines, sub-disciplines, keywords, geography, funder, and several other search criteria.

Post a Program, Profile, News, or Event - If your program, news item, or event is related to a funded program in STEM, and/or has a diversity focus, then it is likely that we can post your information to our site and you can use our program form to post your program. We also post profiles of students (at both the undergraduate and graduate level), postdocs, faculty, scientists and administrators in the STEM fields. We are particularly interested in profiles with a diversity focus -- profiles highlighting students from underrepresented groups and faculty/admin leaders who support diversity in the STEM. Submit profile information using IBP's profile form.

Broadening Participation in Your Program: Outreach - Recruitment & Retention - A 4-page pdf overview.

Broadening Participation in your Program: Growing the Diversity Awareness and Cultural Competency of Faculty - A 2-page pdf overview.

Recruitment Strategies - A 1-page pdf checklist.

Draft Recruitment Plan - A 3-page word doc template, ready for you to adopt and adapt to improve recruitment.

Draft Retention Plan - A 3-page word doc template, ready for you to adopt and adapt to improve retention.

How to Make the Most of Conference Participation - A 1-page pdf on making the most of your travel and networking to support your diversity efforts.

Using Social Media to Build Diversity in Your REU - A 3 page pdf. IBP conducted a literature review, talked with 9 program facilitators using social media platforms across 12 programs in order to find out how well a variety of social media tools such as Facebook met expectations and goals. This handout presents a brief sumary of how to's and what not to do's.

Direct students to Sign Up for Funding, Summer Research and Grad Program Info - Students can use this form to join our Student Directory and receive information about funding and research opportunities. Students can also use our Opportunity Search Tool to search over 1,300 educational programs from the K-12 to postdoctoral level at over 1,900 institutions across the country. Programs are searchable by disciplines, sub-disciplines, keywords, geography, funder, and several other search criteria.

Thanks Bob,
I was very pleased to see so many people coming together to focus on the issue of diversity in ocean science. Thank you for the work you have done.

A couple of other ideas came to mind as people were discussing possibilities for posting our stories on the web. I am copying Catherine here in case it is helpful.

This is what a scientist looks like - Having many diverse marine scientists included here would be great and seems along the lines of what some people were suggesting. Certainly there is value in redefining conceptions of what a scientist is.

SACNAS features stories in their Biography project - Again here, more marine scientists could be helpful.

I look forward to hearing more from you about research and other collaboration opportunities.

All the best,

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