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COSEE One Pager - California
Category: COSEE One-Pagers
Resource Type: PDF
Date Posted: 08/14/2011

COSEE California is dedicated to creating collaborations among scientists and educators that enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of the ocean. We focus on developing and widely disseminating models and approaches that engage scientists and educators in promoting ocean literacy. Our center engages teachers, scientists, and informal educators in a broad range of programs, including:

  • Scope & Sequence for Ocean Literacy Principles, which encourages scientists and educators to work together to determine how ocean sciences ideas and concepts can be organized and taught at different grade bands;
  • Communicating Ocean Sciences courses that bring educators and scientists together to teach college students how to communicate about their science knowledge to the public; and
  • 21st Century Classroom, which makes scientists and their research real and approachable for middle and high school students.
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