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Tools That Work: Blogs
Category: COSEE Network
Resource Type: Link
Date Posted: 01/07/2010

COSEE-OS regularly runs workshops pairing educators and scientists, teaching them how to use concept mapping to communicate complex ideas in science to their audiences. As part of this process, the scientists and educators are matched into teams based on their understanding of several content areas. The matching process has developed over time to become a quantitative and repeatable process that has been responsible for the creation of successful scientist/educator teams.

Though most of that process is not usually shared with workshop participants, the COSEE team thought it might be information that could be shared with the teachers. To give them a better idea as to our rationale and invite them to better get to know our process, we thought of ways to convey that information in a new way. Instead of writing many emails or posting static content to our webpage, we looked to a blog as a potential tool for giving our workshop a voice.

Our blog is coded manually into the online pages that we create for our workshops. Starting with the University of Connecticut workshop, we began to post content for the applicants and participants to see. The tone of the blog is fundamentally different than the content on the rest of the COSEE-OS website, and is more direct, informal and conversational in tone.

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