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Storm Drain Water Testing
Category: For Educators
Resource Type: PDF
Date Posted: 01/07/2009
Ocean shoreline at sunset

Los Angeles is world famous for its beautiful beaches. After a rain, however, our beaches can be dirty and dangerous - even closed - because rain water washes trash and other pollution off our streets into storm drains, and down to the sea. Trash and poisons that run into the ocean from Los Angeles storm drains can make people sick. It can do the same to the plants and animals that live in the ocean or on our beaches. Before we can stop storm drain water pollution, we have to know which pollutants are getting into this water, and where these pollutants come from. The first place to look is up stream - at the water that flows into our storm drains.

This unit from the Integrated Coordinated Science Unit Challanges explores how students can use their knowledge of chemistry to test the safety of rainwater that flows off our college campuses and streets into the ocean. The hands-on exercise uses the “5 E’s Learning Cycle: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate” and is correlated to California Science Content Standards, California Environmental Education Principles and Ocean Literacy Standards.

Click here (PDF, 1.59 MB) to download the Teacher’s Handbook
Click here (PDF, 1.31 MB) to download the Student’s Handbook

This unit was conceived and written by Gary Serbeniuk and designed and illustrated by Meredith Morgan for COSEE West and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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