Isaac Ginis ~ Outreach Modeler

Isaac Ginis
Dr. Isaac Ginis is Professor of Oceanography in the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography. He works with computer models to better understand and predict the development and track of hurricanes and typhoons.

Isaac's research centers on understanding the physics of the atmosphere/ocean interaction, with a focus on numerical modeling. His lab translates the collected data into a set of mathematical formulas that can then be used to simulate phenomena. His research and outreach efforts are highly meshed – since his research conclusions are almost instantly used in outreach to officials and the public. "Not only am I involved with basic science but there is direct link from the research I do to practical implications," says Isaac. The outcome of his research directly impacts millions of lives every year.

"Science is not a job; it’s a state of mind."
Improving the prediction of hurricanes is a problem that requires a lot of collaboration – with the scientists at NOAA and the National Weather Service who collect the hard data as well as with the people who disseminate his predictions. Hurricane prediction is also a subject of obvious great interest to the general public. Isaac regularly provides his expertise to emergency management agencies, broadcast media, and exhibits as diverse as at the Louisiana State Museum and Disney's EPCOT theme park.

Photographs and images for Isaac's pages courtesy of Isaac Ginis, NASA, NOAA, SeaWiFS (Ocean Color Web/G. Feldman), and the National COSEE Office.