Scott Glenn
Scott Glenn ~ Ocean Observer

Scott Glenn
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Dr. Scott Glenn is a Professor of Physical Oceanography in the Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Coastal Ocean Observation Lab. In his over 20 years at Rutgers, Scott has designed, constructed, operated and utilized the world's most advanced ocean observatories for integrated research and education. His research interests include:
  • Developing new remote and robotic technologies for autonomous surface and undersea sampling
  • Using previously unobtainable observations to investigate ocean processes that improve understanding
His approach to education is to combine the excitement of ocean exploration with the power of observatory technologies to enable students to participate in exploratory ocean science. COSEE Networked Ocean World (NOW) provides avenues to leverage ocean observatory research to establish new participatory science, technology and education courses; new on-campus operations centers and research vessels; and new learning and living communities. He uses the observatory for pure research, for education, and for societal applications, seeking to inspire a wider spectrum of students, increase ocean literacy, and broaden the definition of who can be an oceanographer. "Ocean observing systems are really changing the face of oceanography," says Scott, "providing tools and technologies to see the ocean in new ways and be in many different places."

Photographs and images for Scott's pages provided by COSEE NOW, RU COOL, and the SEW-G production team.