Peggy Fong ~ Community Ecologist

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Peggy Fong

Peggy Fong
Professor, Vice Chair
University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
BOT 419A
621 Charles E. Young Dr. South
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Office: (310) 825-5444
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Research Interests
  • Simulation modeling at the population, community and ecosystem process levels; macroalgal, seagrass, and coral reef community structure; nutrient dynamics; disturbance ecology; restoration ecology; experimental design and statistical analysis. My main interest is disturbance ecology.
  • The factors that control the magnitude, duration, and composition of algal blooms. To accomplish this research I use three approaches: field studies; manipulative experiments in the field and lab; and numerical simulation modeling.
  • Collaborating with scientists at the University of Hawaii to determine the cause of a bloom of green macroalgae that is impacting the reefs and beachs of Maui.
  • Ph.D., Ecology, San Diego State University