Adina Paytan ~ Multi-Scale Mentor

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Many scientists have opportunities to talk about their research with students and the public. Dr. Adina Paytan's goal is to actually involve students of all ages in every research project that she does. The range of her collaborative projects reflects this mission – from introducing first graders to geology to providing high schoolers with mentors, to mentoring grad students herself.

"That's our job as scientists – who else can explain what we're doing better than us?"
COSEE California has proved to be a worthy partner for Adina, providing her with tools such as the Communicating Ocean Science Course, and her enthusiasm and energy have been translated into hands-on programs for all ages. "The role of the scientist is not only to do research but also to communicate to the general public, and that includes a population of all ages," says Adina. "That’s why I do my best and am involved in as much outreach as I can."

Her success in collaborating has not gone unnoticed. She was invited to give the keynote address at an Ocean Sciences meeting, and her speech was devoted to education and outreach. She is also a Fellow in the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program and her enthusiasm for communication and collaboration has informed her research as well. "Being involved in as much outreach and education as I can affects the quality of my science," says Adina. "It makes me think of projects and problems that are relevant for society, such that I can talk about them and say what is it that scientists do that is important for this planet."
Using Datasets
Adina's students work with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, using their ocean data sets. Find out more.
Eric Grossman and Peter Swarzenski
Eric Grossman, Ph.D., USGS Pacific Coastal and Peter Swarzenski, Ph.D., Marine Science Center A collaboration between Adina's students and the USGS produces results
Adina's Education and Outreach Collaborations