Isaac Ginis ~ Outreach Modeler


New Orleans Hurricane Katrina exhibit
"Hurricanes are easy to relate to," says Dr. Isaac Ginis. "They're easy to talk about and many people are fascinated with them." As a result, Isaac has been engaged in outreach for much of his career, invited to give lectures in public libraries and schools and senior centers. (Twice he has given presentations to Rhode Island state officials, including the governor – who subsequently called him on his cell phone to get an up-to-the-minute forecast.) "My work is not only about science but also about informing the citizens who live in coastal communities about the threat of hurricanes," says Isaac. "It's important not just to do a good job forecasting but also to make sure the public is aware." His collaboration with the Rhode Island National Guard ensures that his research gets translated directly into enhancing public safety.

"I feel obligated not only that I contribute through research but that I can contribute through communicating directly with the public."
Isaac's work with the National COSEE Office gives him a framework to put his outreach in, connecting him with 15,000 teachers at the NSTA conference and giving him avenues to connect with students. "Making a connection between real life experience and science is one way of exciting the younger generation," he says. "If we can bring the hurricane subject into classrooms and come up with big list of 'whys', that may help to inspire students and their curiosity about the world that surrounds them."

To support all of his outreach efforts Isaac has collaborated with several partners on the development of the Hurricanes: Science and Society website, offering resources and information that can be used by the general public, formal and informal educators, K-12 students, and even governors.

Isaac's Education and Outreach Collaborations