Crystal Johnson ~ Cultivating Student Science

Crystal Johnson sampling with a student

Training Tomorrow's Scientists

"I'm always surprised how much I stand out in people's memories."
Ever since Dr. Crystal Johnson was a GK-12 fellow herself, she has wanted to work with high school students. And undergrads. And grad students. Amazingly, she is able to work with all levels of students, simultaneously and consistently, without causing a train wreck in her lab. By fostering a sense of collaboration and teamwork, she gets more accomplished than she would otherwise. The multiple comments below are a testament to the broad reach of Crystal's engagement of students.

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker, Ph.D., COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico Principal Investigator
Crystal's interpersonal skills pay off with engaging students
Gary King
Gary King, Ph.D., Professor of Microbial Ecology, Louisiana State University
Crystal's personality makes working with students successful
Sheri Wischusen
Sheri Wischusen, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Research Education, Louisiana State University
The importance of Crystal's ability to "light the flame" for students
Erica Simmons and Vanessa Moline
Joey Heintz