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Ocean Observations in the Classroom - Dec 1, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. George Matsumoto, Senior Education & Research Specialist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)
Ocean Observatories: What are they, where are they, and how can you use them? (PPT)

Background Information

Santa Monica Bay Observatory

MBARI EARTH: Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses

What are Ocean Observatories?

What is a Coastal Ocean Observatory?  Major Components (COSEE-Mid-Atlantic)

Why do we need them?

Seeding the Seafloor with Observatories (from Oceanus, vol 42, no 2, 2004)

Going Wireless in the Deep Blue (from Oceanus, Jan 11, 2006)

Will the Ocean Circulation Be Unbroken? (from Oceanus, Oct 31, 2007)

The Way Forward on IOOS (from Marine Technology Reporter, Oct. 2007) (PDF)

Lesson Plans

What’s in a Name? Scientific American, Oct 25, 2004, by Christine Soares

EARTH: Classification Lessons

Hardware (Office Supply) Sort

Local Animal Sort

Classifying Deep-Sea Organisms


Santa Monica Bay Observatory (SMBO); Ocean Observing Systems (OOS) (PDF)

Public Health Issues in Coastal Waters Lecture - Nov 28, 2007

ARCHIVED LECTURE by Dr. Mark Gold, President of Heal the Bay (Quicktime)

We will be known by the junk we throw away (PDF)
By Steve Lopez, LA Times, Sept 12, 2007

Why replace plastic grocery bags with reusable bags? (PDF)

Feds want to survey, possibly clean up vast garbage pit in Pacific (PDF)
By Justin Berton, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 30, 2007

Resources (PDF)

Catch On!  Fish Contamination, Bioaccumulation, & Healthy Fishing – June 2007

Related Articles & Background Information

Map of southern California Bight

Waiting for the DDT tide to turn (PDF)
By Marla Cone, Los Angeles Times, Jan 2007

PCBs – Still an issue three decades later (PDF)
By Jenny Sterling, Nov/Dec 2004, Southwest Hydrology, p 8-9

Contaminated Fish Report Released (PDF) Currents (The Newsletter of Heal the Bay), vol 21, no 2, 2007, p. 2

Restoration Efforts

Executive Summary of the Montrose Settlement Restoration Program (PDF)
Produced by the Natural Resource Trustees, July 2006

Restoration plan aims to undo ocean pollution (PDF)
By Lee Peterson, Daily Breeze, April 11, 2005

Catalina denied funds for bald eagle project (PDF)
By Merrilee Madrigal, Associated Press, June 25, 2005

Ecological Impact of DDT and Recovery

Fighting For Foxes (PDF)
By Adele Conover and Andrew Curry, Smithsonian Magazine, 2004

Friends of the Island Fox website

A fine day for the eagle-eyed (PDF)
By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times April 29, 2007

Falcon chicks found for first time in 50 years (PDF)
By Times Staff and Wire Reports, Los Angeles Times April 27, 2007


Glossary (PDF)

Resources List (websites)

Pipette Training Lesson (PDF)

World Ocean Day

Petition – help convince the United Nations to declare June 8 as World Ocean Day! Action List – What you can do to help the ocean

Lecture on Domoic Acid by Dr. Dave Caron - May 2007 (Santa Monica Pier Aquarium) (Quicktime)

International Polar Year Online Workshop - April 15 – 28, 2007

General Polar Resources

Polar Resources aimed at:

Elementary Grades

Middle Grades

Secondary Grades

Polar Regions - March 2007
Lecture 26 - Dr. Robin Ross, Krill in the Southern Ocean (College of Exploration Website)

Activities for ALL

Polar Websites – Computer exploration (PDF)

Unobtrusive Observer aka The Spy Who Went Out in the Cold (PDF)

Adapted from this website

Data Sheet (Excel)

A Penguin Foraging Simulation Game (PDF)

Adapted from the Los Marineros Curriculum Guide, a marine science curriculum available from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.  Our version is adapted from this website

Data Sheet (Excel)


Polar Bear Panic!

Background articles

Too Far To Swim

Strange Behavior by Polar Bears

What has been happening to polar bears in recent decades


Mark & Recapture (PDF)

Adapted from this website

Data Sheet (Excel)

Related Articles

Teachers, Students to Celebrate International Polar Year NSTA Reports, March 2007

Low Life, Classroom Antarctic, Australian Antarctic Division

Krill Conservation
People might need to pay more attention to the conservation of krill around Antarctica. By Emily Laughnan, Earthwatch Radio, 24 Feb 2005

Melting Ice and Meals Lost
The menu for animals in Antarctica seems to be getting smaller as temperatures go up. By Emily Laughnan, Earthwatch Radio, 10 Feb 2005

The Cost of Killing Krill
By Virginia Gascon Gonzales & Rudolfo Werner Kinkelin, Taipei Times, Nov 2006

Marine Life Grows Where Antarctic Ice Collapsed
By MSNBC staff and news service reports, Feb 2007

Current Events off Antarctica
By Hugh Powell, Oceanus: WHOI Online Magazine, March 2007

Krill: Untapped Bounty from the Sea?
By William M. Hamner, National Geographic Magazine, 1984, 165(5), p626-643.

Behavior of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba): schooling, foraging, & antipredatory behavior
By William M. Hamner & Peggy P. Hamner, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 2000, 57(Suppl.3), p192-202.

Long-term decline in krill stock and increase in salps within the Southern Ocean
By Atkinson A, Slegel V, Pakhomov E, Rothery P.  2004.  Nature 432, p100-103.

Boom and Bust in a Polar Hot Zone
Polar Science News by Erik Stokstad.  16 March 2007.  Science 315, p1522-1523.


Fast Facts Antarctica (PDF)

Fast Facts Krill

Fast Facts the Arctic (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Resources List Antarctica:  Websites, Books, Videos (PDF)

Additional Resources List the Arctic:  Websites, Books, Videos (PDF)

California Science Standard Correlations for the lessons of this lecture and workshop (Excel)

Images of Antarctica - Peggy Hamner



To access more resources from our International Polar Year Online Workshop (April 2007), click this link.

Coral Reefs and Coral Reef Ecosystems – February & March 2007

Curriculum Guides

MacGillivray Freeman’s Coral Reef Adventure Teacher’s Guide


Reef Partners Wanted

Protecting the Reef is More Than Just a Game

The Silt and Sediment of it All

Coral Reefs (available in English and Spanish)


Sock Anemone

Spud Sharks (Aquarium of the Pacific)


Coral Cores: Ocean Timelines (from Flower Garden Banks NMS) (PDF)

Background information for Coral Cores:

“Coral Coring in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary – A Collaborative Effort”, July 2005

“Ancient Corals May Reveal Future of Stronger Monsoons and Harsher Droughts”, Jan 17 2007

Cool Corals (from NOAA Ocean Explorer) (PDF)

Related Articles

Shifting Baselines: Slow-Motion Disaster in the Sea By Randy Olson, modified from original article in LA Times, Nov 2002

Historical overfishing and the recent collapse of coastal ecosystems By Jeremy B.C. Jackson et al., 2001, Science, V. 293, pg. 629-630

Coral Bleaching and Disease Deliver “One-Two Punch” to Coral Reefs in the US Virgin Islands, National Park Service, October 2006 (PDF)

The Dangers of Ocean Acidification By Scott C. Doney, 2006, Scientific American March 2006, pg. 58-65

Tiny Polyps Gorge Themselves to Survive Coral Bleaching

Corals’ adaptive response to climate change By Andrew C. Baker, Craig J. Starger, Tim R. McClanahan and Peter W. Glynn. 2004, Nature. V. 430, p 741

Marine Protected Areas and Reserves are Vital Conservation Tools By Amy M. Amos, 1998, Gulf of Mexico Science, No. 2, pg. 233-234

Balancing Resource Utilization with Resource Protection: The Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary—A Success Story By Robert Moran, 1998, Gulf of Mexico Science, No. 2, pg. 234-237


Fast Facts (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Resources List:  Websites, Books, Videos (PDF)

Climate Change and Ocean Currents Workshop - January & February 2007
Lecture 24 - Dr. Yi Chao, Changing Climate and the California Coastal Ocean (College of Exploration Website)

"Satellite Oceanography: from Concept to Implementation and Launch": a presentation by Dr. Yi Chao, Jet Propulsion Laboratory" at the workshop on Feb. 3, 2007

Elementary Activities

El Nino Skit by Annie Richardson

JASON-1 Board Game

Secondary Activities

Nike Shoes Investigation

Background Information on Nike Shoes and Rubber Ducks (PDF)

A Field Method for Studying Surface Currents from the Shore, and Using the SMBO and SCOOS Data Portals to Help Examine Surface Currents by Robert Perry (PDF)

Currents:  Moving Water, background FOR SEA (PDF)

Currents:  Moving Water, student handout FOR SEA (PDF)

Related Articles

NASA Satellites Help Improve Ocean Condition Forecasts - 1/29/04

Science - El Nino/La Nina - Learn More About It

NASA Data Captures El Nino's Return in the Pacific

El Nino Builds, Warm Kelvin Wave Surges Toward South America

Science – Pacific Decadal Oscillation – Learn More About It

Pacific Decadal Oscillation Packs a One-Two Punch

The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt

Avoiding the Big Chill: Some scientists say global warming could produce local cooling in Europe and North America.

The Hot and Cold Cycle of Life:  A warmer world could change the temperature of the ocean, and that could have profound consequences for marine plants and animals.

Illinois Professor to Address Global Warming at Book Launching


Fast Facts (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Resources List:  Websites, Books, Videos (PDF)


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