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Glaciers & Global Sea Level Rise - November 2005
Lecture 17 - Dr. Eric Rignot - Glaciers and Global Sea Level Rise (College of Exploration Website)

Presentation on Glaciers

PDF Version

Online Version

Lecture Resource Articles

Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level?

Earthwatch Radio list

Is sea level rising?

Mostly Melting in Antarctica

What causes the sea level to change?

Researchers Predict Impact of Sea Level Rise on Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat

Lesson Plans from the Lecture

California Content Standards for Discovery School Activity

Elementary Lesson

California Content Standards for Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise, Topographic Mapping, and How Water Holds Heat

Resources for Glaciers & Global Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise Glossary

Sea Rise Web Sites

Global Warming Fast Facts

Articles from the Workshop

Is Warming Causing Alaska Meltdown?

Greenland Melting? Satellite to Help Find Answer

Hazards of Sea Level Rise: An Introduction

Elementary Lesson Plans from the Workshop

Biomes: Extreme Climate

California Science Standards Correlations

Ice Breakers (Excerpt)

The New York Times Learning Network Lesson Plan

Sea Ice and Sheet Ice Melting Experiment

Secondary Lesson Plans from the Workshop

Ice Cubes, Density, Currents

Thermal Expansion and Sea Level Rise

General Activities from the Workshop

Submarine Ring of Fire Expedition. A Watered-down Topographic Map

Topographic Mapping and Sea Level Rise

How to Read a Topographic Map

Contour Maps and Sea Level Rise Analysis Worksheet

California Sea Level Map

Above Water Feature Cards

Potomac Red Labels

Ice Science & Satellites - a Natural Partnership: April 13, 2005
Lecture 16 - Dr. Frank Carsey - Ice, Science and Satellites (College of Exploration Website)

Pictures from Workshop

Ice Science Glossary

Ice Science Websites

Polar Bears and Ice

Inspiring Change

Ice Activity

Ice Activity supplement

Ice Questions

The Ecology of Coral Reef Communities Online Workshop - March 1 – 15,

Coral Reef Ecology Resources

Channel Islands - March 5, 2005

Terrible Toxins

Terrible Toxin Name Tags

To Fish or Not to Fish

Role Playing Data/Maps

Satellite Ocean Resources

Oceanography from Space

Eggshell Strength Experiment

Science, Policy & Protecting Our Coastal Oceans - March 2, 2005
Lecture 15 - Dr. Steve Murray - Science, Policy and Protecting Our Coastal Oceans (College of Exploration Website)

Channel Islands Flyer

Classroom Ideas

Long Gone Bird

Monitoring Habitats

Policy Websites

What Are Sanctuaries?

Kido and Murray, 2003

Murray et al., 1999

Seabirds Living on the Edge - January 12, 2005
Lecture 13 - Dr. Mike Horn - Seabirds Living on the Edge (College of Exploration Website)

Pictures from Workshop

Adapted for Survival

Ballona Checklist

Bird Basics

Birds of a Feather

Mapping the Pacific Flyway

Migration Stations

Seabird Activity Standards

Seabirds - NOAA

Seabird Websites


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