Jude Apple ~ Entrepreneurial Ecologist

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In addition to his research, Dr. Jude Apple is in the enviable position of being funded specifically to develop and conduct education and outreach activities and projects. The other half of his position – research scientist – also requires funding. While Jude describes himself as a "soft money marine scientist who is cobbling together different sources of funding in order to do research," his situation also gives him leeway to pursue areas of interest.

Because of the unique nature of his split position, his research and outreach activities are naturally connected. His research projects are either directly tied to or grow out of his education and outreach efforts, and his students and interns explore research questions that connect to his research. He creates research frameworks that students can be plugged into. This "strategic leveraging" of what would appear to be unrelated efforts (i.e. research and education) is critical for efficiently achieving a wide range of scientific and teaching goals.

Jude's research has always included an applied side – investigating the anthropogenic effects on coastal systems. His work on hypoxia, pelagic ecosystems, and ocean acidification all are concerned with how we are affecting our environment and exploring possible mitigating factors.

Jude's Research