Jude Apple ~ Entrepreneurial Ecologist

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Dr. Jude Apple sees himself as navigating uncharted waters, bringing research, public education and outreach together into one position. While breaking new ground is an exciting prospect, it also means uncertainty when it comes to funding. And it puts Jude in the position of trailblazer as he builds support for this new paradigm within his partner institutions. In short, his life is a balancing act.

"Science itself is wonderful, and the many ways to implement it have many different outcomes."
Jude's work with the Native American community is also a balancing act, as he works to find common ground between Native and Western science. Added into the mix is his keen interest in Native knowledge as it connects to the coastal environments where he does his field work. This results in another hybrid, in which students from the Native communities can get involved in both Jude's research projects and his public outreach. Jude's ability to take advantage of opportunities and to be adaptable means progress.

Jude's colleagues and students do an excellent job reflecting how the balancing act is going. Those whose perspectives you will encounter in Viewpoints are:

Jan Hodder
Jan Hodder, Ph.D.
COSEE Pacific Partnerships Director
(featured in Valuing Native Perspectives and Balancing Efforts and Rewards)
Coral Gehrke
Coral Gehrke
COSEE Pacific Partnerships Coordinator
(featured in Balancing Efforts and Rewards)
Jan Newton
Jan Newton, Ph.D.
Principal Oceanographer, University of Washington
(featured in Considering Funding Choices and Valuing Native Perspectives)
Steve Sulkin
Steve Sulkin, Ph.D.
Director, Shannon Point Marine Center
(featured in viewpoints_institutional_support and PAGENAME)
Joel Green
Joel Green, Ph.D.
Science Director, Northwest Indian College
(featured in Valuing Native Perspectives)
Amy Burgess
Amy Burgess
Graduate Student, Western Washington University
(featured in Balancing Efforts and Rewards)

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