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Raising All Students' Achievement in Science

"We have increased by hundreds of percent the numbers of students taking AP science in Boston."
Dr. Bob Chen is PI of the Boston Science Partnership (BSP), a collaboration bringing together the Boston Public Schools, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts Boston. The BSP project began in September 2004 with a Math Science Partnership grant from NSF. Funding to date totals over $14 million, including supplements to support a research study of the STEM pipeline in Boston and one that funds the Science Education Fellowships (SEF) [see below]. The grant will be completed in August, 2012.

The BSP reaches teachers, university faculty and students through a number of programs such as Contextualized Content Courses, Collaborative Coaching and Learning in Science, Vertical Planning, the Science Education Fellowship and the AP Student Support Program.

Science Education Fellowship

Chemistry class
The Science Education Fellowship is a master-teacher program sponsored by NSF in connection with the Boston Science Partnership. The Fellowship is a year-long program for experienced teachers that uses a model of teacher support and development to increase the capacity of teacher-leadership in the Boston Public Schools. This model includes a comprehensive set of activities designed to improve teachers' pedagogical and content knowledge, focusing on the outcome of increased achievement in science for underperforming students. There are approximately 20 Fellows in each cohort.

Teachers are involved in structured inquiry into their own teaching and growth using tools developed through educational research. Each month the Fellows meet to support the work they are doing. Individual plans may include working with a university professor, becoming a mentor to other teachers, improving presentation skills, achieving board certification, presenting at a national meeting or preparing a peer-reviewed publication.