Bob Chen ~ Urban Oceanographer


COSEE New England educators share viewpoints
Engaging in education and outreach inevitably brings change - whether it's working with fifth graders for the first time or working with hundreds of teachers for the eighth year; collaborating on a proposal or being a partner in a new academic center; getting involved as a graduate student or as a department chair. Each of these participants has a viewpoint on the experience of engaging in education and outreach.

As Dr. Bob Chen became involved in education and outreach, his activities and achievements affected those around him - and changed him, too. Learning how to bridge cultures, think differently about proposals, form new strategic collaborations, focus on fundamental concepts, explore how people learn, enhance leadership roles, and somehow balance it all - these are just some of the new skills that Bob's work with COSEE has brought him.

Some of Bob's fellow faculty members, COSEE colleagues and graduate students whose comments you will encounter as you explore the Viewpoints pages:

Keith Cialino
Keith Cialino, Ph.D. Student, GK-12 WISP and Knauss Fellow
Working with a classroom teacher has been a very positive experience (featured in Engaging Graduate Students)
Bernie Gardner
Bernie Gardner, Ph.D., Research Associate and Adjunct Associate Professor
Being engaged in education and outreach affects every part of your work (featured in Balancing Efforts and Rewards)
Robyn Hannigan
Robyn Hannigan, Ph.D., Department Chair
Students have been convincing advocates for getting involved in outreach (featured in Balancing Efforts and Rewards)
Francesco Peri
Francesco Peri, Ph.D., Research Associate and CESN Managing Director
The opportunity to collaborate has opened all kinds of doors (featured in Collaborating is Key)
Billy Spitzer
Billy Spitzer, Vice-President, New England Aquarium
Successful collaborating and successful grantwriting go hand-in-hand (featured in Collaborating is Key)

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