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The scientists on the North Atlantic Bloom (NAB) Experiment collaborated extensively throughout the project, meeting regularly across the country to plan the program, implement four rounds of field work, and interpret results. The interdisciplinary nature of oceanography drives such a collaborative process, but the individual scientists must still embrace the idea of working together, sharing freely, and accepting criticism.

Like the collaborative efforts needed to coordinate a complex research project, effective education and outreach requires communication, a willingness to try new approaches, and the support of colleagues. The NAB scientists partnered with COSEE-Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS) to create a broader impacts package that included a five-part, webinar series, multiple interactive concept maps, and an integrated set of activities based on actual cruise data. Led by Dr. Mary Jane Perry, the group brainstormed a story to share with educators, and worked independently and with colleagues to create interactive, online presentations that built upon one another for a final, cohesive program. "The COSEE-OS webinar project is probably the most extensive outreach that I have done," says Dr. Eric D'Asaro, one of the PIs on the NAB Experiment, "and it has been a good experience."

COSEE-OS has worked extensively with scientists, helping them deconstruct their complex science for presentation to a wide variety of audiences. In 2010, COSEE-OS initiated a webinar effort to bring a collection of interesting oceanographic research to educators. Each scientist works with COSEE-OS to create a concept map using the Concept Map Builder, then enhances it with educational assets such as images, movies, news articles, and resources for an online presentation hosted by COSEE-OS. Educators, students, and scientists from around the world tune in to learn about their research and the presenters gain a new perspective on how to effectively discuss their work with others.

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