Carrie Thomas ~ Catalyst for Engagement


A Reasonable Voice for Scientists

Dr. Thomas's research is closely tied to studying the effects of climate change, both in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Antarctic. So it is no surprise that she and her fellow researchers have some opinions on whether and how to communicate issues relating to climate change. For some scientists, being able to clearly express the results of their research to the public may feel like a moral obligation. In that way, they see their role of being a contributing citizen as being on a par with their role as scientist. They see it as vital for scientists to be able to provide connections between their research and what the public thinks is important. Getting the public interested in how science works is a key benefit to the heightened interest in global climate change.

Issues relating to climate change are also apparent to the educators who work with Carrie on research cruises. "It's important for people to know," says Jan Healy. "They need to talk to people doing the research first hand in order to make the decision themselves."

Carrie Thomas
Carrie Thomas, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor
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Dave DeMaster, Ph.D., Professor
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