Isaac Ginis ~ Outreach Modeler


Smarter, Not Harder

Because of the nature of Dr. Isaac Ginis' research – which has a direct effect on the life and safety of the public – there are ample and important opportunities for collaboration. His work is vitally important to the National Hurricane Center and NOAA, and their data-gathering abilities are equally important to furthering Isaac's research on hurricane forecasting models.

Not only does Isaac's research benefit from this collaboration, but there is the equally important direct implication of improving hurricane forecasting – and thus improving the ability for the citizenry to be prepared. The result – seeing his work in action – is particularly gratifying. This last step would not be possible without his collaborations with federal agencies and local emergency management.

Collaborating with the COSEE Network has provided Isaac with an exemplary way to reach a broad audience beyond his institutional boundaries. Collaborating with the Rhode Island National Guard gives emergency management staff the opportunity to work with his expert wealth of knowledge, enabling a better product – and ultimately a model for identifying and developing best practices for collaborations.

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