Scott Glenn ~ Ocean Observer


A Broader Definition of Scholarship

If you're going to work in a scientific field that's relatively new, that depends on the latest technology, that has to change rapidly as technologies are refined – a field like ocean observing – then you had better get used to adapting to change. The very definition of what it means to be an oceanographer is changing, as oceanographic research depends more and more on the cross-fertilization of multiple scientific disciplines and types of expertise. Dr. Scott Glenn's expertise in utilizing the latest ocean observing technology has helped him to embrace change in his approach to education and outreach.

Creating new kinds of collaborations causes change too. Collaborating with educators to utilize ocean observing data in the classroom results in new curriculum. Teaching undergraduates how to communicate their expertise to an informal audience changes their view of what it means to be a scientist. Engaging several different university departments in ocean observing creates surprises – such as an award-winning documentary film.

Travis Miles
Travis Miles, Graduate Student, Rutgers University
Changing views of the next generation
Rick Ludescher