Scott Glenn ~ Ocean Observer


Collaborating with colleagues
Over the course of his 20 years on the faculty of Rutgers University Dr. Scott Glenn has built many things – an on-campus ocean observing lab, a Campus at Sea, cross-disciplinary collaborations, collaborations with educators, with filmmakers, with other scientists, with the public. And throughout he has continued his own research.

By definition, because of the collaborative nature of both Scott's research and his work in education and outreach, his activities encompass a whole range of interactions, across many parts of the academic and scientific enterprises. In the following pages Scott and some of the people he has collaborated with - fellow Rutgers faculty, students, administrators, and teachers – offer their perspectives on the changing face of oceanography, the meaning of cross-disciplinary collaboration, broader impacts, and more. Those whose perspectives you will encounter in Viewpoints are:

Scott Glenn
Scott Glenn, Ph.D., Professor, Rutgers University
Growing an ocean observatory (featured in Collaboration is Key, Balancing Efforts and Rewards and Creating Institutional Change)
Laura Dunbar
Laura Dunbar, Sea Girt Elementary School Teacher
Building trust with colleagues (featured in Collaboration is Key)
Josh Kohut
Josh Kohut, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Broader impacts can assist research (featured in Balancing Efforts and Rewards)
Sage Lichtenwalner
Sage Lichtenwalner, Data Translator, Rutgers University
Collaborating in the COOL room (featured in Collaboration is Key and Balancing Efforts and Rewards)
Rick Ludescher
Rick Ludescher, Ph.D., Dean of Undergraduate Education, Rutgers University
Cross-disciplinary efforts (featured in Institutional Change)
Janice McDonnell
Janice McDonnell, COSEE NOW PI and Associate Professor, Rutgers University
COSEE helps scientists share their expertise (featured in Collaboration is Key)
Travis Miles
Travis Miles, Graduate Student, Rutgers University
The new face of oceanography (featured in Collaboration is Key, Institutional Change, and Balancing Efforts and Rewards)

Connecting to Viewpoints from Additional Featured Scientists