Online Scientist Presentations
 Map showing location of workshop participants
The overarching goal of COSEE Is to increase and enhance collaboration and communications among ocean scientists, educators, and the general public. The highlights presented here showcase three important mechanisms that COSEE Centers have employed to (1) teach and understand ocean science concepts, (2) impart ideas, information, and resources to others, and (3) connect with the general public. While the methods differ (workshops, webinars, and virtual field trips) the underlying objective was the same: to disseminate ocean science content to as broad an audience as possible.

COSEE Highlights
Workshop brochure
COSEE-West's online workshops gave marine scientists and engineers the opportunity to provide ocean science content to a much larger audience of educators than Los Angeles-area based in-person workshops. These workshops, offered in partnership with the College of Exploration, were designed to provide an expert introduction to a current topic in ocean science along with supportive references, visual materials and teaching ideas for sharing the content with students.
The Research-Based Online Learning Event (ROLE) Model Webinars produced by COSEE-Ocean Systems provided educators timely access to scientists and their ongoing research, while giving the scientists a chance to interact with national and international audiences and receive real-time feedback on their presentations. The webinars were executed using multimedia concept maps, enabling the scientists to preserve their presentations and accompanying resources for online viewers.
Field trip brochure
Scientists do amazing work in remote and challenging environments! COSEE Alaska's virtual field trips bring students into the field, lab, and office from their classrooms.