Linking Researchers and Graduate Students Through COSEE Tools and Services - 09.29.2009

Four COSEE Centers - California, Networked Ocean World (NOW), Ocean Systems and West - will test new models of "scientist-centered" workshops that partner ocean researchers and graduate students. Participants will create new and innovative ocean-climate content and/or improve their ability to meet NSF "Broader Impacts" criterion. The proposed workshop models are based on results from the COSEE NOW "Annual Scientist Survey: Report for 2008" (Word Craft, 2008) that cites scientists' "lack of time" as the greatest barrier to becoming involved in education/outreach and also clearly shows graduate students' comfort with using the latest online technology. We will test the time-efficiency and effectiveness of capturing participants' views of ocean-climate connections as interactive maps.

The teaming of these audiences to create web-based ocean-climate products taps into the scientific expertise of the researchers and the technical capabilities of the graduate students. This effort will not only strengthen each Center's individual ability to foster productive dialog among its own constituency of researchers and graduate students, but it will also provide a series of model interactions that can be used by the Network as a whole. Furthermore, the products of these interactions will result in online products that can be accessed by external audiences thus showcasing "COSEE content" to the world. For more information contact Annette deCharon.

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