COSEE-OS Holds Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop; COSEE Centers NOW, California, and West Participate - 02.09.2010

Workshop participants collaborate on a concept map
In the past year, COSEE-OS has run a series of model workshops that team researchers and educators to synergistically improve communication of complex science topics using concept mapping and web-based tools. This new pilot workshop challenged scientists and graduate students/post docs to open new lines of communication at the academic level. On the final day of the workshop, the students showcased their maps to Waterville High School students, who critiqued their presentations and provided thoughtful feedback on their work.

Collaborators Linda Duguay (COSEE-West) and Cheryl Peach (COSEE California) were also present and helped give participants a perspective of the COSEE Network as a whole. Sage Lichtenwalner of COSEE NOW spearheaded an activity that was new to COSEE-OS: Introduction of the Learning Cycle that is used by COSEE NOW in its Communicating Ocean Sciences courses. This new element was well received by the participants.

Read more about our workshops here.

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