Gulf of Mexico Impacts & More - 07.29.2010

Karen Orcutt and Kjell Gundersen
On July 28, COSEE-OS hosted the first in a series of Research-Based Online Learning Event (ROLE) webinars featuring research scientists and educators who use concept mapping to develop and communicate ideas. Kjell Gundersen and Karen Orcutt shared concept maps relating to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its consequence to the marine ecosystem. MIchele Benoit and Ted Taylor, educators at Bangor High School (Bangor, Maine) showcased novel and innovative ways that they have used concept mapping in the classroom as a result of what they learned at COSEE-OS workshops.

This online event is the first ROLE webinar featuring ocean scientists presenting new research material online. The second is scheduled for August 10, 2010 and will feature Harvard scientist Peter Girguis. View all webinars here.

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