Real-time Tsunami Forecasting - 03.15.2011

The first operational DART® buoy system design
In the wake of Japan's recent and tragic 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, there is a great deal of interest in real-time tsunami forecasting technology. Both NOAA and NASA have led the way toward making better predictions and saving lives. The following links provide more information about these efforts.

For information on the technical design of NOAA's Deep-Ocean and Assessment Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) buoy system click here (Overview of First Operational DART Mooring System) or here to view a flash animation of the warning system in action (DART II Warning System in Action)

NOAA's Center for Tsunami Research has a web page providing details on the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan (Tsunami Event - March 11, 2011 Honshu (northeastern Taiheiyou) Main Event Page)

NASA has also developed a prototype tsunami prediction system. Click here for more information (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2010, June 14). NASA demonstrates tsunami prediction system. ScienceDaily.)

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