Only One Ocean by the Banana Slug String Band Wins Prestigious 2011 Parents' Choice Award - 05.16.2011

CD cover
Only One Ocean, the new Banana Slug String Band children's music CD that features 14 songs about Ocean Literacy, has just won a prestigious 2011 Parents' Choice Award. Check out what Parents' Choice had to say:

In a time when many musicians are jumping on the "green" bandwagon, this band leads the way, with expertly written and devilishly fun songs that make children want to learn about how they can help the planet. --Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice

Only One Ocean is also getting a Starred Review in the upcoming School Library Journal, and will be featured on the next Ocean Gazing Podcast from COSEE NOW. The accolades for this new release keep pouring in.

The CD is a major element of the Ocean Literacy Campaign, the grass-roots movement to increase public understanding of the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives and to the health of the planet. Lawrence Hall of Science/COSEE California led the partnership between the Banana Slugs and several ocean sciences education organizations that resulted in the CD. Sponsors of the production include: the National COSEE Network, National Marine Educators Association, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, College of Exploration and Lawrence Hall of Science.

The CD is a fabulous educational tool that can be used in many types of formal and informal education programs with students, teachers and the public. It also makes the perfect gift for your favorite young ocean scientist. You can order directly from the Slugs or through iTunes and Amazon.

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