Ocean Sciences Sequence Curriculum for Grades 3-5 - 05.06.2011

The Ocean Sciences Sequence Curriculum is a part of the GEMS Curriculum Sequence. It is correlated with the Ocean Literacy Framework, and provides teachers with standards-based tools for teaching basic science using the ocean as an integrating context. The curriculum includes:

  • Inquiry-based learning activities, with a materials kit
  • Student Investigation Notebooks that include student readings and pages for writing and recording data
  • An assessment system that includes summative and formative assessments.

These components allow the curriculum to be adopted by school systems and/or states as part of their mainstream science programs. The materials were extensively field tested and evaluated to ensure effectiveness. The results from the National Field Trial of the Grades 3–5 curriculum that took place in 700 classrooms across the country show that students made significant gains in understanding key ocean sciences concepts addressed in the curriculum.

This curriculum is published and available for purchase and adoption from Carolina Curriculum. For details please call Carolina Curriculum at 800 334-5551 or visit the Carolina Curriculum website.

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