Ocean Science Sequence Update - 08.30.2011

As schools reopened for the year, COSEE OCEAN held an update meeting to discuss the Ocean Science Sequence (OSS) curriculum as it is being piloted in two Boston area districts this fall. In the Milton (MA) school district, two thirds of the OSS curriculum - covering physical oceanography and biological oceanography - will be taught to every fifth grader in the district, beginning in October. This includes eight science teachers at four schools, teaching over 1000 kids. The teachers will receive training in September, and the OSS curriculum will take place over one third of the year, with an emphasis on meeting national standards for science practices throughout a district model. The curriculum is also in the process of being translated into French, as the Milton district is bilingual. The OSS is also in the process of being incorporated into the Boston Public Schools; further details will be forthcoming soon.

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