COSEE-OS Sponsors Bangor Students and Teachers in MDIBL Research - 08.24.2011

Students tie eelgrass to grids
Through a partnership with the Bangor School Department, COSEE-OS, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL), four Bangor High School students and two teachers became immersed in a week-long science and research program specifically targeting the restoration of eelgrass in Frenchman Bay. This program was the first of its kind where high school students and teachers from the same inland school were the sole investigators supporting the on-going research and restoration program directed by Dr. Jane Disney of MDIBL.

The Bangor High School participants worked hand-in-hand with Dr. Disney and her team of undergraduate and graduate students as they: (1) collected scientific data to investigate reasons for the disappearance of eelgrass from the Bay over the past two decades, and (2) used proven and novel measures to restore eelgrass to local sediments within the Bay. The week-long project culminated with the Bangor High School team receiving "ownership" of a plot of the Bay adjacent to Thomas Island for which these students and teachers will continue to study and restore eelgrass for the foreseeable future. This collaborative project was designed to bring real scientific research and long-term environmental restoration opportunities into the high school setting.

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