Software Honored by 2008 Adobe Max Awards - 11.15.2008

COSEE-OS OCI Interface
The annual Adobe MAX Awards is a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences. The COSEE-OS Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder (CLIMB) has been selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2008 Adobe MAX Awards. The CLIMB application has increased our effectiveness as an education and public outreach organization by allowing us to construct a visually appealing, customizable environment for our audience.

The application has enabled COSEE-OS to transform the interactions between scientists and educators from one-dimensional static communications into dynamic dialogues supported by a content-rich interactive environment. By providing access to multimedia interactives that otherwise require massive computing power, we have opened up a new world of access to ocean-climate resources and expertise. Rather than "hunting down" materials, our users are able to channel their efforts towards the creation and exploration of their own personal connections between ocean and climate concepts without fewer technological limitations.

Using this software, COSEE-OS has facilitated nine highly effective professional scientist-educator events (workshops, presentations, college courses) across the US, and registered users who have created their own customized content that is stored in our database. In the past year, scientific administrators have added to the database approximately 500 images, 275 videos, 360 resources, and 570 news items which are freely accessible to anyone with a computer and Internet connection. The next step in this exciting program is adding functionality to support new scientific discoveries and diverse learning communities.

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