Webinar Archives for Many Learning Pathways in the Ocean Sciences Are Now Online! - 01.12.2012

This pilot series highlighted ocean scientists sharing successful strategies for increasing diversity in their community. Using concept map-focused presentations, speakers discussed career paths in the context of their experience being an under-represented minority (URM) in the sciences, and/or their experience providing mentorship to URMs.

Webinar I - Pathways of Support
Christina De La Rocha, Phil Bell & Carrie Tzou

Webinar II - Mentoring Underrepresented Students
Brian Bingham & Ashanti Johnson

Webinar III - Strategies for Engaging Scientist Mentors in a Sustained Mentoring Community
Sharon Ziegler-Chong & Noelani Puniwai

Webinar IV - Building Graduate Student 'Communities of Practice' Through Education and Outreach
Lonnie Gonsavles, Carrie Tzou & Blakely Tsurusaki

In the Pathways Archives, you have access to:

  • Webinar videos
  • Interactive concept maps created by the scientist presenters
  • Related resources and professional literature

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