COSEE-OS Presents at MSTA Annual Conference - 10.12.2012

Phoebe Jekielek, COSEE-OS Marine Education Associate, attended the 2012 Maine Science Teacher's Association Annual Conference to present online resources and tools focused on bringing the ocean into Maine classrooms. With the Framework and NGSS specifically highlighting the role of the ocean in Earth systems, COSEE-OS's online and freely-accessible resources are a perfect fit.

Highlights emphasizing the role of salinity in regulating ocean circulation and Earth’s climate and weather included content-driven webinars, scientist-created interactive concept maps, overview of on-line concept mapping software and access to data sets and resources related to the NASA Aquarius and SPURS (Salinity Processes in Upper Ocean Regional Study) missions focusing on measuring ocean salinity from space. In addition, workshop attendees were introduced to activities from the COSEE-OS publication Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry-Based Approach.

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