Goddard Space Flight Center Engineers Describe Their Work on the Aquarius/SAC-D Satellite - 11.30.2012
 Aquarius mission

Ever wonder what it's like to build and test instruments that operate in space? On October 17, Goddard Space Flight Center engineers discussed their work on the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite during a webinar hosted by COSEE-OS. The primary scientific aim is to collect data on the salinity of our oceans, revealing information relevant to ocean circulation, the water cycle and climate.

This concept map-based webinar was conducted in Spanish by Amri Hernandez-Pellerano (Power System Electronics Designer), Shannon Rodriguez (Microwave Communications Specialist) and Fernando Pellerano (Instrument System Engineer) and included tips, examples and links to resources that can be used to better understand the world of NASA and how the Agency works with international partners. 113 people from the U.S., Puerto Rico and seven other countries attended the webinar. 95% of educators who completed a post-webinar survey agreed that the webinar 'provided ideas to encourage exploration, discussion and participation of my students'. Click here (PDF, 420 KB) for additional evaluation results.

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