NOAA Marine Debris Tracker Mobile App - 05.13.2013

marine debris app

Marine debris is the catch-all term for any human-produced litter, be it plastics, discarded metal, fishing gear, or glass, that is accidentally or on-purpose released into aquatic environments, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. This debris not only poses a health threat to all species who inhabit these environments, but can also be a visual pollutant at recreational areas such as public beaches and national parks.

The NOAA Marine Debris Division and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI), located within the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia, have developed the Marine Debris Tracker mobile app. The app "lets you check in when you find trash on our coastlines and waterways." A recent article in Scientific American had this to say about the app: "The project’s goal is to spread awareness of marine debris, as well as serve as an easy-to-use and simple tool for marine debris data collection."

The mobile application is currently available for both iPhone and Android operating platforms.

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