NSTA 2009 - 04.17.2008

The groundwork has now been laid for a continued COSEE presence at the annual conventions of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Next year's event will include the following COSEE-themed sessions and short courses:

  • Science and the Human Spirit - Understanding Natural Hazards and their Impacts on the Human Condition (Gail Scowcroft and Elizabeth Vernon)
  • Energy and the Environment: The Natural and Human-designed World - Understanding Coastal Processes, Climate Change, and Other Energy-Related Phenomena (Liesl Hotaling, Janice McDonnell and Annette deCharon)
  • ISTE: Meeting the Needs of the Digital Student - Investigating the Tools and Resources Needed to Equip a Technologically Rich Classroom (Liesl Hotaling, Janice McDonnell and Annette deCharon)

COSEE will also staff a booth on the exhibit floor and will consider hosting an Exhibitor Session, supporting a COSEE Keynote Speaker, and presenting a one-day Professional Development Institute.

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