COSEE-OS Presents at BLOOM Educators' Workshop - 07.17.2013

On Tuesday, July 16, Carla Companion and Ryan Cope, both representing COSEE-OS, presented content to nine Maine educators participating in a four-day Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science professional development workshop entitled Exploring Oceanography. The overarching goal of the workshop was to familiarize the teachers with hands-on data collection and processing, as well as provide them with physical and online resources for teaching about data in their own classrooms.

During the presentation, Carla discussed some of the more recent projects COSEE-OS has been involved with, as well as briefly introduced the teachers to the CLIMB software. Teachers were then broken up into two groups, where Carla and Ryan facilitated the playing of a “Cards Against Oceanography” game, crafted by COSEE-OS and modeled after the popular “Cards Against Humanity” card game. The objective of this game was to make the teachers more comfortable with complex scientific vocabulary and also to give them a model that they might employ in their own classrooms.

Carla then led the group through various resources on the COSEE-OS and CLIMB websites, highlighting all of the current work being done with both the SPURS and Aquarius projects. Future projects were also mentioned, such as a current project to align the SPURS and Aquarius content with the recently-published Next Generation Science Standards. The teachers seemed very enthusiastic about having access to so much great content, especially where it pertains to ocean circulation, salinity, and currents and were excited to explore the webinars and concept mapping tool further.

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