Ocean 180 Video Challenge Winners Announced - 03.11.2015

Over 37,000 middle school students from over 1,600 classrooms in 21 countries, all 50 US states and the US Virgin Islands judged the videos and voted, and the winners are…

1st Place (Amateur Category): Drones at the Beach

Patrick Rynne (University of Miami)
Fiona Graham (University of Miami/ Waterlust)
Ronald Brouwer, Ad Reniers, and Matthieu de Schipper (Delft University)
Jamie MacMahan (Naval Postgraduate School)
Laura Bracken (University of Miami/ CARTHE)

1st Place (Professional Category): Dolphin Research Center Blindfold Imitation Study

Kelly Jaakola, Visual Communication Staff, Emily Guarino, and Mandy Rodriguez (Dolphin Research Center)

2nd Place (Professional Category): How to Treat a Bruised Flipper: Developing Pain Medications for Dolphins

Claire Simeone (The Marine Mammal Center)

3rd Place (Professional Category): Rescuing the Gentle Giants

Charles Waters (University of Auckland, Institute of Marine Science)
Scott Ewing
Richard Story (Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources)
Mark J. Costello (University of Auckland)

Click here (PDF, 408 KB) for the press release containing more detailed information and some great quotes from the winners.

Be sure to join us for the Ocean 180 Student-Scientist Summit on Thursday March 26th from noon - 1:00 pm (EST). Attendance is free and all are welcome to join the virtual assembly and watch scientists from the top video abstracts respond to questions from student judges. Click here to register for the Summit.

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