Undergrad Education in the Aquatic Sciences - 09.29.2016

Louie Lurch (, James Madison University, and colleagues will be chairing a session on undergraduate education in the aquatic sciences at the ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting with an emphasis on the integration of authentic research in undergraduate curricula. The session description is below.

Training the Next Generation: An Undergraduate View from the Mountains to the Sea
A key component of our role as aquatic scientists is training the next generation of young investigators. This includes mentorship of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as our role as classroom teachers. The recent movement toward embedding authentic research experiences in undergraduate curricula has provided an exciting new vein for engaging undergraduates across the field of aquatic sciences. This session invites presentations by those who have developed and implemented coursework and research training programs for undergraduates in the aquatic sciences.

Since this is as an education session, authors can submit to this session as well as another.

The deadline for all submissions including invited, tutorial and chairs who will be presenting, is Midnight, Central Daylight Time USA5:00 Greenwich Mean Time on 14 October 2016. All submissions must be in at this time and all those submitting, must be registered.

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