COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico Launches Revamped Website - 11.21.2008

COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico website
COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico has launched a revamped version of their popular website. Their new site was designed to coordinate with the websites of other centers and The COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico website is the first of eight new COSEE websites to go live.

COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico is a unique collaborative hosted by the University of Southern Mississippi and its J.L. Scott Marine Education Center. Other partners include the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and its Estuarium, the University of Florida and its Natural Museum of History and Florida Sea Grant College Program, and Mississippi State University and its Computer Technology Center. Other collaborators include the National Marine Educators Association, the Marine Technology Society, the National Science Teachers Association, and the respective State Science Teachers Associations within the Gulf of Mexico, and the State Departments of Education and Public Broadcasting Stations.

What COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico Does:

  • “Bridges the gap” between ocean and coastal sciences research and the relevance of those data to a broad range of audiences via informal centers (museums, aquariums, and science centers)
  • Engages scientists in professional development programs through two-day workshops to three-week “face to face” and virtual institutes
  • Develops inquiry-based ocean sciences lesson plans for middle school teachers
  • Provides opportunities at sea for formal and informal educators aboard U.S. Navy oceanographic survey ships to work “side by side” with civilian surveyors
  • Enhances workforce diversity through programmatic recruitment efforts.

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