About Us
Scientist and students on the beach
Since its establishment in 2002 as a set of 7 Regional Centers, the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) has evolved into a coordinated Network comprised of 12 thematic and regional Centers located around the United States including over 270 institutional partners with close to two thousand Network members.

The mission of the COSEE Network is to spark and nurture collaborations among research scientists and educators to advance ocean discovery and make known the vital role of the ocean in our lives. The mission reflects the three-fold partnership, which composes each COSEE Center-partnerships between formal and informal education institutes and research institutes.

Through several Center-based initiatives and infrastructure created by the Network, COSEE is:

  • Infusing current ocean sciences research into a variety of educational applications
  • A trusted community resource for achieving broader impact goals
  • Actively engaging scientists in education and public outreach
  • Conveying the nature of science and scientific research to educators
  • Connecting informal and formal education partners and the public to the ocean sciences enterprise.
  • Testing strategies for broadening participation in ocean sciences
  • Developing and sharing innovative, technologically sophisticated education and communication tools and strategies
  • Assisting scientists in acquiring skills needed to effectively communicate ocean sciences concepts and research
  • Elevating the profile of ocean sciences in the education community
  • Promoting Ocean Literacy
  • Pioneering the use of Ocean Observing Systems data in educational settings
  • Establishing Communities of Practice

COSEE’s well-established partnerships with formal and informal education institutions will ensure that future advances and discoveries in ocean sciences research are efficiently integrated into K-16 education programs and instructional materials, as well as into public programming across the country. As the Network looks into its future, exciting opportunities are on the horizon.