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COSEE Network News is now a quarterly publication of the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence. Each issue contains regular features such as Network topics, COSEE at conferences, and meeting information, plus updates from the National COSEE Office, Working Groups, and the Centers. Previous issues may be accessed from the menu at left.

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In This Issue…

COSEE Membership Drive
COSEE's growth and success has risen through 2016 thanks to the efforts of our members, both institutional and individual. With contributions from our current members, opportunities to share ocean science education and outreach resources have grown to a global scale. COSEE continues to develop and disseminate research, effective practices, and tools that cultivate cooperation among scientists, educators, and the public.

Individual Member Highlight: Dr. George Matsumoto
Dr. Matsumoto has been with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute since 1996. He coordinates an internship program and leads an educator professional development workshop called Education And Research: Testing Hypotheses or EARTH. Dr. Matsumoto currently serves as the individual members' representative to the COSEE Council.

Institutional Member Highlights: ORCA
Located on the east coast of Florida, ORCA serves as the world's first technology-based marine conservation organization. ORCA is focused on protecting and restoring aquatic ecosystems and the species they sustain through the development of innovative technologies and science-based conservation action.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
COSEE Florida continues to grow their collection of dynamic Water as Habitat (WAH) learning modules. Upcoming events include the Indian River Lagoon Science Festival (October 22, 2016) and the 3rd Annual Lines in the Lagoon Youth Fishing Tournament (October 1, 2016). COSEE-OS recently concluded their long-running Pathways to Science webinar series, piloted in 2011 as a joint effort to reach undergraduate and graduate students seeking a career in STEM.

Conference Highlights
Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE), a COSEE institutional member, made serious headway during the past year and accomplished important structural work under the energetic leadership of the executive team.

Read more in our newsletter (PDF, 444 KB).

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In This Issue…

2016 Global Ocean Science Education Workshop
The 2016 Global Ocean Science Education (GOSE) Workshop is confirmed for June 13-15 in Paris, France at UNESCO Headquarters. Registration is now open, with a special discounted rate for COSEE members. This year's workshop will focus on Science, Education, Business, and Policy Roles in implementing International Policies Related to the Ocean, the Ocean and Human Health, the Blue Economy and Workforce Needs, and the Role of Informal Science Education Institutions on Policy.

2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting Recap
COSEE displayed a strong presence during this year's Ocean Sciences Meeting, February 21-26 in New Orleans, LA. In addition to the COSEE exhibit booth, which was visited by hundreds of attendees, members and project partners participated in oral sessions, poster sessions, workshops, and panels. COSEE also hosted a global ocean science education breakfast to engage international participants and sponsored an afternoon coffee break in the exhibit hall.

Institutional Member Highlight
Romberg Tiburon Center (RTC) for Environmental Studies illuminates the vital connections between science, society, and the sea. Learn more about RTC in our newsletter.

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In This Issue…

2015 Global Ocean Science Education Workshop
Registration for the Global Ocean Science Education Workshop (GOSE) is now open! The workshop will be held June 26 and 27 at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography.

COSEE TEK "Build a Hydrophone" Tutorial
COSEE TEK has developed a detailed instructional video for building a low cost hydrophone. The video covers all of the parts, tools, and steps necessary to build the hydrophone.

COSEE Consortium Individual Membership
Individual membership in COSEE is now available! As a new international Consortium, COSEE will continue to develop and disseminate research, effective practices, and tools that cultivate cooperation among scientists, educators, and the public.

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In This Issue…

New Version of CLIMB Released!
A new version of the COSEE-OS Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder (CLIMB) concept mapping tools was released in early September.

Summer Center Updates
Even during this time of transition, Centers have had a busy summer with programs and activities. Learn more about the Centers have been up.

COSEE will have a presence at the upcoming National SACNAS Conference in Los Angeles, October 16-18, 2014.