2008 Update
Researcher and educator seine for fish 
COSEE Coastal Trends brings scientists and educators together to study the health of coastal waters through new ocean-observing technologies. During the week-long course, participants:
  • Work with leading marine science researchers;
  • Learn new ways to incorporate real-time data into classroom activities;
  • Participate in hands-on activities and field trips; and
  • Share ideas with fellow educators.

Workshops are held in various locations and meet 7th-12th grade science education standards. Educators nationwide are encouraged to enroll.

COSEE Coastal Trends offers media rich internet-based resources that make coastal ocean sciences come alive in the classroom. The COSEE Coastal Trends website contains unit plans that meet science education standards. These units are created by the teachers and researchers who participate in our Summer Scientist-Educator team programs. The website also provides other educational resources such as movies, conceptual diagrams, photographs, real-time data, hands-on activities, and computer animations. Educators can use COSEE Coastal Trends resources to build classroom activities tailored to meet the needs of their students, and they can also learn about current research on coastal issues.

 Educator and scientist build seagrass enclosure
Summer Scientist-Educator team programs immerse teachers in ocean science research. Scientists and teachers conduct research and develop classroom resources based on their partnering work. These resources are disseminated through websites and workshops. The program includes the following items:
  • A week-long orientation that provides background on conducting research;
  • A 6-week research experience at a laboratory facility;
  • Stipend and travel expenses.

Contributed by COSEE Coastal Trends staff