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Welcome to COSEE Florida

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COSEE Florida's mission is to spark and nurture collaborations among scientists and educators to promote ocean discovery and literacy and to enhance the public's understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the ocean.

Our partnership includes:

For more information about COSEE Florida, contact Program Coordinator Meghan Buckley.

What We Do

COSEE Florida’s vision is to create a vibrant Center that uses its talents and resources to achieve three initiatives:


Engage Ocean Scientists
This initiative includes the sponsorship of regional professional development workshops to help scientists broaden the impact of their research through improved communication and effective educational outreach.


Enhancing Ocean Science Knowledge and Experience for Pre-Service Educators
This initiative is developing a novel ocean science based curriculum and research internship program aimed at improving the training and content knowledge of undergraduate students pursuing a B.S. degree in science education.


Supporting a Florida Ocean Learning Network
The goal of the third initiative is to establish a state-wide network of scientists and educators to support the development of quality education products, promote the establishment of local educational outreach programs, and facilitate regional collaborations that enhance ocean science education and increase ocean literacy.

Contact Meghan Buckley for additional information on any of these three initiatives.