December 2009
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Focus On...COSEE-New England
What's new at COSEE-New England? Visit the December Center of the Month and find out!
 Tools That Work: Success Stories
The COSEE Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group (ENTs) is reviewing all of the online networking tools that COSEE Centers have tried. This is a place to showcase the tools that have worked - and why!

COSEE-Ocean Systems and a Workshop Blog COSEE-OS regularly runs workshops pairing educators and scientists, teaching them how to use concept mapping to communicate complex ideas in science to their audiences. Recently, in an effort to keep participating teachers more informed and involved in the workshop development process, COSEE-OS tried using a toolsblogss to keep everyone up to date. Find out how using the toolsblogss worked here.
 Working Group Updates
ENTS Sub-Group The Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group (ENTs) is developing an online networking tools guidebook. Working in wiki format, we are collaboratively designing and building the guidebook, which aims to provide Centers with up-to-date descriptions, reviews and best practices in order to make choosing the appropriate networking tool easier and more productive. For more information contact ENTS co-chairs Carla Companion and Catherine Cramer.

COSEE-California home page
Web Working Group The WWG continues to refine the Content Management System (CMS), while working concurrently with the ENTs to implement an integrated network-wide toolsblogss. Sean Graham, Raytheon's current Project Manager for the COSEE Network, will be taking on new development responsibilities while Greg Baerg assumes the role of Project Lead. For more information, contact Annette deCharon, WWG Chair.
 Ocean Hall Update
Elizabeth Ban, the COSEE/Ocean Science Education Specialist at Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, and Dr. Sylvia Vitazkova, Assistant Professor and Director of the Zoo & Aquarium Leadership Program at George Mason University (GMU), will be co-teaching the COSEE Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences (COSIA) course at GMU's New Century College this spring semester. Dr. Vitazkova attended the COSEE-California COSIA training course last June at Lawrence Hall of Science and had the course added to GMU's offerings as a Special Topics class. The partnership with the NMNH Sant Ocean Hall was a natural choice to give the students an opportunity to practice their skills with informal audiences. Students will spend time in both classroom learning environments and the Sant Ocean Hall, and will design an ocean science activity for children and families visiting the Hall. For more information contact Elizabeth Ban.
 COSEE at Conferences
Fall AGU Meeting The COSEE Network is well represented at this week's American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2009 Meeting. Activities include an exhibit booth, Young investigators Luncheon, poster session, and presentation on Improved Broader Impacts - Enhanced Scientific Impacts. Watch for a future report!

2010 Alaska Marine Science Symposium January 18-22, 2010, Hotel Captain Cook Anchorage, Alaska. Scientists from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the nation, and beyond will gather in Anchorage to inform each other about their research in the marine ecosystems of the Arctic, the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Plenary and poster sessions will feature the latest research on climate, oceanography, lower trophic levels, the benthos, fishes and invertebrates, seabirds, marine mammals, local and traditional knowledge, and socioeconomic research. Support from many sponsors allows registration to remain free of charge for attendees. [More information]

COSEE at NSTA 2010 Philadelphia March 20,2010 The day is packed with great COSEE presentations and will last from 8:00AM-4:30PM and will include a luncheon, also at the Sheraton Philadelphia Hotel. For details on the complete COSEE concurrent session proposals visit here. Conference and hotel registration is open.
President Obama Announces National Lab Day Initiative Recently President Obama announced the establishment of National Lab Day, a new science education initiative aimed at improving labs and inquiry-based science experiences for students in grades 6–12. Designed to increase community-based collaborations between scientists, engineers, teachers and students, National Lab Day emerged from collaboration earlier this year among NSTA, the American Chemical Society (ACS), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Jack D. Hidary Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation.

National Lab Day will bring together stakeholders in communities of support where science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals and teachers can work together to assess current labs, update or refurbish lab equipment, conduct equipment and materials inventory, clean and repair equipment, and provide technology support. Projects can also center on computer or outdoor labs—anywhere where hands-on lessons in the STEM subjects can come alive. The first National Lab Day is tentatively scheduled for early May 2010. For more information about National Lab Day, visit the official website.
 Center News
COSEE-SouthEast Visit the COSEE-SouthEast website to view the November/December Creature Feature on the Blacknose Shark. The feature includes a brief description of the Blacknose Shark as well as links to additional Blacknose Shark resources.

COSEE-Pacific Partnerships The Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC), Anacortes, WA, invites applications for the part-time position of Marine Scientist (Exempt Professional position). The position will cover half-time salary plus benefits for three years beginning January 1, 2010. The position is partially funded by an NSF grant supporting SPMC’s participation in COSEE-Pacific Partnerships program. See the SPMC website for a complete description of programs and facilities. In addition to maintaining a research program, duties include serving as a marine science public education specialist. Doctorate in marine science required. For a full description of the position and application procedures, contact

COSEE-Networked Ocean World The Scarlet Knight crosses the Atlantic! Scientists and crew aboard the Investigador spotted the Scarlet Knight Glider bobbing up and down on the surface of the ocean off the coast of Spain. After over 220 days at sea, the glider's mission has been accomplished. [More]

Ocean observatories are radically changing not only the way scientists do their science, but also how they interact with one another and the wider public. [Community organizing, ocean style]

You are invited to participate in a webinar series designed to share ideas and resources around the challenges of exhibit design and using real time data from Ocean Observing Systems. [Join the webinar]

Listen to the latest Ocean Gazing podcast.

COSEE-Ocean Systems A recent workshop inspired one participating science teacher to bring the online multi-media tools developed by COSEE-OS to her high school. [Read the story]

COSEE-Great Lakes Dr. Greg Boyer, who has been the lead scientist for several of the GL shipboard workshops, is a COSEE-Great Lakes “Super Scientist.” [Read his online profile]

COSEE-Great Lakes has two new publications based on project work:

Walters, Howard D. (2009). Concept Mapping: Mixed Methods Data for Measuring Teacher Learning in an NSF-Funded Professional Development Program (COSEE Great Lakes). National Forum of Teacher Education Journal, 19(3)

Sturtevant, RA and A Marshall, Educator House Call: On-line Data for Educators Needs Assessment -Summary Report. NOAA TM-149, (2009).

Rosanne Fortner helped the Oak Island Beach Preservation Society build this holiday parade float, which won first place!
 COSEE Network Calendar
January 2009
COSEE-Alaska 2010 Alaska Marine Science Symposium, January 18-22, 2010, Hotel Captain Cook Anchorage, Alaska.

COSEE-Alaska Communicating Ocean Science Workshop, January 18.

COSEE-West Lecture and Educators’ Session, California State University, Long Beach, January 27

COSEE-West Educators’ Workshop, Aquarium of the Pacific, January 30

February 2010
COSEE-West Lecture and Educators’ Session, Natural Museum of Los Angeles County, February 3

COSEE-West Educators’ Workshop, Jet Propulsion Lab Pasadena, February 6
NOAA Ocean Today Kiosk Video Submissions Would you like more visibility for your ocean project? Consider submitting a proposal on your ocean story, video or images for Ocean Today Kiosk. The Ocean Today Kiosks are maintained by NOAA in association with The Smithsonian Institution and are located at the National Museum of Natural History as well at 13 other aquaria and science centers around the world. Story proposals are accepted twice a year - the next deadline is January 30, 2010. For more information visit here.

Teaching Geoscience Virtual Workshop Offered Teaching Geoscience with Service Learning will take place February 3-9 and has an application deadline of December 20. This workshop is for geoscience instructors who are interested in doing a service learning project in their own courses and would like to learn more about the opportunities, or for colleagues who are currently doing service learning projects in their courses who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Get practical advice on how to design and implement a service-learning activity in your own instructional setting, and help grow the collection of service-learning activities that can be used across the geoscience curriculum. Visit the workshop website and submit your application online. The full schedule of On the Cutting Edge workshops can be viewed here.

A New Look Beneath the Waves: Ocean Observatories Initiative Gets Underway Giving scientists never-before-seen views of the world's oceans, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) have signed a Cooperative Agreement that supports the construction and initial operation of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). [More]
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 COSEE Centers and Council Representatives
COSEE-Alaska (Nora Deans, North Pacific Research Board)
COSEE-California (Craig Strang, UC Berkeley)
COSEE-Central Gulf of Mexico (Sharon Walker, Scott Marine Education Center and Aquarium)
COSEE-Coastal Trends (Laura Murray, U of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)
COSEE-Great Lakes (Rosanne Fortner, Ohio State University)
COSEE-Networked Ocean World World (Janice McDonnell, Rutgers University)
COSEE-New England (Billy Spitzer, New England Aquarium)
COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities (Phil Bell, University of Washington)
COSEE-Ocean Systems (Annette deCharon, Darling Marine Center, University of Maine)
COSEE-Pacific Partnerships (Jan Hodder, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology)
COSEE-SouthEast (Lundie Spence, South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium)
COSEE-West (Linda Duguay, University of Southern California)