OSM 2010

Ocean Sciences Meeting
February 22 – 26, 2010
Portland, Oregon

COSEE Presentations and Posters

The COSEE Network had an impressive showing at the 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting. Following are some of the highlights, as well as the complete list of COSEE presentations.

Exhibition Hall Booth

The booth was staffed by Central Coordinating Office staff. Staff greeted passersby and engaged them in conversation to better understand their existing knowledge of COSEE.

Group photo
Participating members of the COSEE Network, taken just after the session COSEE Evaluations: What We've Learned and Implications for the Future
The following print materials were available in the COSEE Booth:
  • COSEE Center one page profiles
  • COSEE brochure
  • COSEE programs at Ocean Sciences flyer
  • Climate Literacy brochures
  • Materials from individual COSEE Centers
  • EPO Guide for Scientists
  • Hands-on oceanography activities booklet
  • Sound in the Sea CD and brochure
  • Ocean Gazing podcast CD
  • Oceans of Opportunities (PDF, 79 KB) flyer

COSEE branded give-aways included:

  • 200 Pens
  • 200 Post-its
  • 200 Magnetic clips

The Ocean Sciences Meeting attracted more than 2,800 attendees. An attempt was made to track the number of people who stopped by the booth and the number of people engaged in conversations about the COSEE Network. Although all people interfaced with were not recorded, we did speak with over 300 people. The tracking also will serve as a baseline to better staff the booth for future conventions to handle heavy volume times.

COSEE/ASLOMP Young Investigators Luncheon

The purpose of the luncheon was to reach young investigators (students finishing their Ph.D.s, post docs, and those in academic positions for less than 5 years) and provide guidance on crafting sound and robust broader impact plans for their federal agency proposals. None of the participants had heard of COSEE prior to stopping by the COSEE Exhibit Hall booth.

 Jessie Kastler, Susan Ross and Brian McCann from COSEE-CGOM in front of their posters
Jessie Kastler, Susan Ross and Brian McCann from COSEE-CGOM in front of their posters
The participants were provided with an overview of broader impact statements and were given an opportunity to network and discuss activities in which they had either been a part of in the past or might be interested in implementing in the future. Attendees were also provided with information about the National COSEE Network and how the Network might be of assistance with future proposals. COSEE collaborated with the ASLO Multicultural Program to offer the workshop. We had 39 early career/Post-docs/graduate students and 48 undergraduate students attend the luncheon.

Future Plans for COSEE at Ocean Sciences Meetings

The National COSEE Network plans to maintain a presence at the Ocean Sciences Meetings for at least three more years. For the 2011 Meeting, we will submit a similar format for the conference, including an exhibition hall booth, proposals for oral and poster sessions, and hosting a COSEE-sponsored luncheon for young investigators.

For a complete list of COSEE presentations, click here (Word, 52 KB).