COSEE Collaborative Fellowships
Program Description
 COSEE collaborative fellowship participants
COSEE Collaborative Fellowships bridge research, formal and informal education, and traditional cultural practices. Each year, up to four fellowships are awarded to graduate students working as teams from Ocean Sciences and Hawaiian Studies departments to bridge traditional knowledge and ways of knowing with current science research.

Students produce a joint paper for submission to an appropriate natural or social science publication, or presentation at a conference. They also produce outreach materials for the COSEE Island Earth resource network and distribution to partners that explain the nature and relevance of their work to a specific audience (e.g., resource managers, tour operators, educators, etc.). Finally, they give a presentation at the Hanauma Bay Education Program public lecture series.

COSEE Center
COSEE Island Earth is a collaborative initiative among university, government, research, and community partners to improve connections between scientists and educators, inform ocean science educational practices, and enhance ocean literacy in Hawaii.

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Judy Lemus
 Judith Lemus
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