Research Experience for Pre-Service Teachers
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Program Description
COSEE Florida's Research Experience for Pre-Service Teachers (REPT) program offers juniors and seniors enrolled in Indian River State College’s Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Science Education program the opportunity to learn first-hand about the process of scientific discovery and research. Students will work with local marine scientists on research projects. Students are paid a stipend, funded by COSEE Florida and the National Science Foundation.

Students that are accepted into the program will work with research scientist mentors and COSEE Florida staff members. The REPT interns complete 175 total hours of work throughout their research experience. Approximately twenty (20) hours are devoted to research and the remaining five hours are spent at weekly team meetings and lab tours. At the conclusion of the REPT program, students practice communicating their research project by presenting their scientific poster and a short educational video at the COSEE Florida Science Symposium which is open to the public.

The main goals of the program are for participants to gain valuable experience doing authentic science, to increase understanding of and enthusiasm for scientific research and to provide resources and strategies for applying REPT experience to the middle school classroom.

COSEE Center
COSEE Florida's mission is to spark and nurture collaborations among scientists and educators to promote ocean discovery and literacy and to enhance the public's understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the ocean.

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